UPM icons

This page mostly contains icons for user interface design. Please ask your UPM contact for the full list of UPM icons.


Icons are visual symbols used to represent ideas, objects, content, features or functionality. They communicate messages or actions at a glance and draw attention to important information or action.

On digital platforms, UPM Icons have two main categories: Content Icons and UI (User Interface) Icons. Content icons are used to represent ideas, objects or content e.g. sustainability, customer service or product catalogue. You can find UPM Content Icons' principles in the UPM Design Fundamentals.

UI Icons represent features or functionalities, e.g. menu, open accordion, download item or show tooltips. If your design requires use of additional icons, always consult design professsionals and asses cultural significance or different interpretations of different symbols before use.

Content icons

Icons can be used as symbols for functions and categories in digital communications. They always have a minor role compared to key and feature images, and should always be designed in a specific, modern and simplified UPM style.

  • Always prefer using the existing UPM icons, it is important not to design new icons for topics where there is already an established icon in use.  Please contact your UPM contact or our team for the full list of existing icons.
  • The size and style of the icons should be identical throughout the channel or platform. 
  • Icons are always smaller than key and feature images. 
  • The icons should be PNG-files.

For more information on the content and style of UPM images, please see the UPM Design Fundamentals document.

Content icon examples

Example of a content icon use case: What makes our renewable biochemicals sustainable

Sustainable forestry

Replacing fossil raw materials

Climate neutral feedstock


UI icons