Introduction to UPM's digital DNA and our core guidelines

UPM look and feel in digital channels follows UPM's overall visual identity. Accordingly, UPM’s digital channels and applications should always seem fresh, clear, modern, sharp, credible and distinguished. High quality and intentional details in graphic design communicate high quality and professionalism.



Style characteristics

  • Sharp use of grid. Elements are well-positioned
  • Use of white space – enough space between elements creates a clean and calm experience
  • Use of images according to UPM’s image guidelines creates a recognisable UPM look
  • Controlled use of colours
  • Sharp form language and correct type face – emphasising clarity and functionality
  • Uniform UPM visuality across all channels, online and offline

Basic assets

  • UPM company logo or Biofore logo. (available in UPM's material library). Never re-purpose or create a logo on your own!
  • UPM brand colours (RGB colour space)
  • Typography:
    • Futura PT is the main element in UPM’s typographic style
    • Web font: PT Futura by Typekit
    • Helvetica/Arial/Sans serif for body and microtext
    • Vollkorn for editorial style body text
  • UPM’s own images and videos, applying to UPM Design Guideline

Design principles

  • Responsive compositions
  • Clear and simple slice-based responsive layout
  • Intuitive navigation with clear hierarchies
  • Intuitive call-to-actions to support user journey
  • Simple and sharp graphic style
  • Basic style follows Design Fundamentals and corporate print media style
  • To emphasize clear overall feeling, divider elements are sharp and follow the grid.
  • Background elements should not look too dark or heavy

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