UPM digital design in a nutshell

UPM leads the forest based bioindustry into a sustainable, innovation-driven, and exciting future beyond fossils. Innovation, leadership and Aiming Higher mindset should also be reflected in the technical and visual quality of our digital presence.

When applied consistently, our digital DNA sends a message of a responsible and future-oriented company that strives for excellence. This requires agility in responding to the development of digital channels and platforms and understanding UPM brand and visual identity.

UPM Style Guide for Digital provides tools and processes that support and simplify the digital design process and ensure consistency and alignment with UPM brand and visual identity.

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Why utilise UPM Style Guide for Digital


A shared library of up-to-date components and guidelines makes designing and building services faster.


Designers, developers and content creators can collaborate, share knowledge and reuse components and thereby increase efficiency.

Gaining time

As building services becomes faster, we can invest more in understanding users and their needs and bring more value for them.


A shared set of principles and rules to build service makes it easier to create consistent design, code and experiences.


Get familiar with UPM Style Guide for Digital

Core digital design

Core digital design

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