Typography creates clarity through hierarchy and aesthetics, guiding users intuitively through textual information and supporting reading comprehension. The controlled usage of type styles helps manage the display of content keeping it concise and understandable. The UPM type scale is made of a combination of predetermined type styles, including range of styles that support multiple design needs. Correct heading levels are important for screen readers and accessibility.


UPM corporate typefaces are Futura PT and Vollkorn.  Use Helvetica or Arial as sans-serif. Sans-serif font can be used for microtexts, sublabels and tables.

Futura PT can be licensed from Adobe fonts and Vollkorn from Google Fonts.

Body1 versus Body2

  • Use body1 as main body text
  • Use body2 in elements where space and text amount is limited, for example in cards, preferrably when referring to editorial content.

Type Color

Type color should be carefully considered, with legibility and accessibility as paramount concerns. Keep type color natural in running text.  Use of the UPM Bright green should be thought very carefully and sparingly to only highlight minimal amount of items on the page.


Content link color

Link color should be dark enough to create a good contrast on light backgrounds.