Colours are important elements for brand recognition and reinforce the memorability of our graphic expression. They must be used correctly and consistently to be effective. Lighter shades of UPM colours should only be used in a minor role, for example in graphs with a wide range of categories or as index colours.

Primary Colours

Our primary palette in digital channels is UPM White, UPM Black and UPM Bright Green with grey neutrals. Uncoloured clear white background and space between objects is an important feature of all UPM designs.  

UPM Bright Green is the key accent colour. In text, it can be used for highlighting individual words, but never full sentences. 

Unprinted clear white space is an important feature of all UPM designs.


Secondary colours

Our secondary palette includes UPM Orange, Yellow, Blue, Dark Grey and Brown. These secondary colours are to be used in a supporting role in tables, diagrams, graphs and charts. They can also be used as accent colour in a very minor role. Secondary colours should never be used in typography. 

The lightest degree of Dark Gray is used as a background colour on digital platforms when it’s necessary to separate objects from the basic white background 

Always keep in mind accessibility rules when using colours in digital designs. 


Background colours