UPM logo

The company logo and the Biofore logo are UPM's primary corporate symbols and continuously visible elements in all communications. Commonly used versions of the UPM logo are available via Image Bank on the UPM website. Standards for the minimum size and clear space have been defined to ensure maximum visual impact of the UPM logo. Note: the required clear space is included in the logo original artwork files. 


Clear space

Company logo and Biofore logo should always be surrounded by clear space (exclusion zone). This means that other visual elements (graphic or textual) are not allowed near the logos. When placed behind the logo and its exclusion zone, the background images must have an even tone and enough contrast in relation to the logo. Leaving blank space around logos maximizes legibility and impact.


Minimum sizes

Use the UPM company logo if there is no space for the Biofore logo. The minimum height for both logos is 60 pixels (clear space height).


When the Biofore logo can not be used in the minimum specified size, use letters UPM written with Futura PT Bold.


Web pages

  • The Biofore logo is always used on web pages. It is placed on the right side of the header, aligned with the right edge of the content area.
  • The site name or the business area / product logo is placed to the left, and aligned with the left edge of the content area.

When scaling down to mobile view, it is recommendable to change from Biofore logo to company logo.


Social media channels & mobile applications

The company logo is used in social media channels and mobile applications. In certain situations the clear space is smaller than usual.


100% size (default clear space).

On square format social media profile pictures the logo can be 110% of the default clear space size.


When the profile photo is round-shaped, the logo should be reduced in size to maintain a sufficient clear space.



The Biofore logo is used on newletters. It is placed on the right side of the header.


Third party tools & platforms

On third-party tools and platforms, the company logo is the primary choice. Sufficient clear space must be left around the company logo.